Winter 2015: In this issue

Winter 2015 coverVol. 65, No. 4

Cowboys and Capitalists

The XIT Ranch in Texas and Montana, 1885–1912
by Michael M. Miller

“Failure to Protect”

Legal Interpretations of Rape and Wife Assault in Butte, Montana, 1900–1920
by Natalie F. Scheidler

“There When We Needed Them”

Harriette E. Cushman and the Birth of Montana’s Turkey Marketing Cooperatives
by Amy L. McKinney

Yellowstone’s History, Lost and Found

The Tangled Provenance of the Gustavus Cheyney Doane Papers
by Kim Allen Scott

Where Did I Read That?

A Guide to Montana’s Comprehensive Index and Databases
by Christy Eckerle


Stands In Timber and Liberty, A Cheyenne Voice, reviewed by David R. Wilson | Chapin, Freshwater Passages, reviewed by Jim Hardee | Peterson, Charles M. Russell, reviewed by David Stanley | Robison, Confederates in Montana Territory, reviewed by Rich Aarstad | Reed, Saving the Pryor Mountain Mustang, reviewed by Andrea Glessner | Hightower, Banking in Oklahoma Before Statehood, reviewed by Kenny L. Brown | Fox, Downwind, reviewed by David Mills | Parks, The Darkest Period, reviewed by Tai S. Edwards | Britten, The National Council on Indian Opportunity, reviewed by David R. M. Beck | Nystrom, Seeing Underground, reviewed by Ronald C. Brown | Bagley, South Pass, reviewed by Michael L. Tate

On the Cover

The front cover features Cutting Out by N. C. Wyeth (1904–1905, oil on canvas). The title of the work refers to the difficult work of separating certain brands from a large herd of cattle on the open range. Turn to page 3 to read about one such brand—the XIT. The painting appears courtesy the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody, Wyoming, gift of John M. Schiff, 45.83. Father Joseph Joset created the painting of Fort Lewis (Untitled, oil on canvas, Montana Historical Society Museum, 2014.34.01) that appears on the back cover in 1846, the year before Fort Lewis was dismantled and the logs floated downriver to build Fort Benton. The church pictured at the center of the stockade is a bit of artistic license or perhaps wishful thinking on the part of the artist: it never existed.

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