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Searching for Yellowstone

Wonders of Yellowstone Book Out in Time for Summer Reading

front cover: Searching for Yellowstone

Just in time for summer reading and outdoor adventure, the Montana Historical Society Press has just released a book about the history, beauty and ecological wonder of Yellowstone National Park.

Searching for Yellowstone: Ecology and Wonder in the Last Wilderness by former Yellowstone Park employee Paul Schullery is described as a seminal environmental history of one of the most beloved spots on earth.

"Reading this book makes a trip to Yellowstone a new experience even for those who have visited before," Society Press editor Annie Hanshew said. "It is a great read for anyone who loves Montana and the outdoors."

The book explores the parkís history from the Pleistocene age to present day and challenges popular myths and commonly held beliefs, sparking readers to think in new ways about the ecology, conservation and economic significance of the park.

"We are embarked (today) on a great journey of discovery in Yellowstone, one of the most exciting and instructive adventures we have undertaken in our quest to understand this exasperatingly elusive thing we call nature," Schullery says.

The book explores topics ranging from grizzly bears to geysers and microbiology to bison.

The book originally was published in 1996, and this new paperback edition contains a preface updating readers on recent developments in the park.

"The Montana Historical Society Press considers it an honor to make this book available to a new generation of readers. Much has changed since the book was first published that will be of interest, even to those who read the first edition," Society Publications Director Clark Whitehorn said.

Searching for Yellowstone is 360 pages and contains more than 30 illustrations and photographs, which capture the wonders of the park and stimulate the imagination. It sells in paperback for $19.95 in bookstores, or can be ordered directly from the Society plus shipping by calling toll-free 1-800-243-9900.