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front cover: Montana The Magazine of Western History, Summer 1997

Cover Art Description:

The sheer grandeur of Glacier National Park proved as alluring to the Great Northern Railway as it did to individuals, so much so that the railroad employed writers and artists to visit the park and try to capture the wonder of its scenic experience in words and on canvas. One such artist was Adolph Heinze (1887-1958), whose Mountain Trail (oil on canvas, 30" x 24", circa 1928) is reproduced on the cover courtesy the Burlington Northern Santa Fe of Fort Worth, Texas. Although positive identification is lacking, Heinze's portrayal appears to be of Rising Wolf Mountain above Two Medicine Lake in southeastern Glacier Park. Born in Chicago, Heinze painted Rocky Mountain landscapes in the 1920s, a time when the Great Northern Railway exerted tremendous effort to attract tourists and passengers to Glacier through its Glacier Park Hotel Company. As Christine Diehl-Taylor argues in an article beginning on page 26, the Great Northern's commitment to Glacier was motivated not by profit alone, but also by prestige and Louis Hill's desire to create a personal legacy in contrast to that of his father.

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