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Documenting Lewis and Clark 1806, The Return Home

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Original map used with permission from the Oregon Historical Society

Original map used with permission from the Oregon Historical Society

Map: Samuel Lewis created this map in 1814 from information supplied to him by William Clark. It is evident that it is slightly different than the one we are used to, but considering it was created without the benefit of Global Positioning Satellites it is exceptional for its time.

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Listing of 1806 Timeline Entries

The following timeline is not meant to be a complete one of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, but rather a glimpse at some of the experiences they had on the journey home in what would later become the state of Montana.

Lewis's Party

Clark's Party


June 30-July 3: Traveler's Rest July 15-16: Lewis Splits His Party July 28: Lewis, Drouillard, Rueben And Joseph Field Rejoin Sergeant Ordway At The Falls Of The Missouri. July 26-27: Two Medecine River July 22-25: Camp Disappointment July 13: Clark And Ordway Split At Three Forks July 19-24: Clark Sets Out Down The Yellowstone By Canoe And Sergeant Pryor Heads Overland Along With Two Other Men And The Horses July 25: Clark Names Pompey's Pillar July 26 (recorded August 8): Sergeant Pryor, Shannon, Hall, And Windsor Rejoin Captain Clark On The Missouri In Present Day North Dakota August 4: Ordway And Willard's Canoe Adventure August 4: Clark decides to leave the confluence of the yellowstone and missouri and meet Lewis further down river due to the ferocity of the mosquitoes and the lack of buffalo

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