Planning Bulletins

The National Historic Preservation Act, as well as the State Antiquities Act, call upon the SHPO to develop state level guidance and procedures in historic preservation and compliance. Below you will find a few of these guidelines. To view, click on the corresponding Word or PDF link.

Planning Bulletin No. 3

Discussion and guidelines for the application of site numbers to cultural resources in Montana. (Word) (PDF)

Planning Bulletin No. 21

Consulting with the Montana SHPO: Guidelines and Procedures For Cultural Resource Review and Consultation under the National Historic Preservation Act and the Montana State Antiquities Act.

Planning Bulletin No. 22

Recordation Standards and Evaluation Guidelines for Stone Circle Sites.(Word) (PDF)

Stone Circle Forms

(Word) (PDF)

Montana Archaeology Education Resource Catalog

Ancient Teachings

For copies of these bulletins please contact our office at (406) 444-7715, or email: