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 Big Game, Big Stories: Montana's Hunting Heritage

Over thousands of years, hunting sustained the people of Montana physically, culturally, and spiritually. Many stories are a part of Montana's hunting heritage - from first peoples' nomadic hunting lifestyle to market hunters' decimation of game to hunters' conservation efforts. But the stories that connect people to the land and wildlife remain at the heart of Montana's hunting heritage. This exhibition explores some of these stories, but not all. We invite you to reflect on how your experiences with or thoughts on hunting may be similar to or different from others - now or in the past.



Stan Lynde Comic Strip 2012.34.245
From the Heart: Stan Lynde's Comic Creations

From the Heart provides a behind-the-scenes look at Stan Lynde's distinguished career, from his early high school comics to his nationally syndicated strips Rick O'Shay and Latigo, and his award-winning illustrated novels. The exhibit highlights never-before-seen comics, sketches, and other original Lynde artwork. One of Montana's favorite sons, Lynde offered fans a playful and poignant view of Western life through the eyes of his beloved characters.

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Montana Tannenbaum

Montana Tannenbaum touches on Montana’s three national Christmas Trees – In 1958 the National Christmas Tree, an Engelmann Spruce also known as “Ike’s Tree,” harvested from the Kootenai National Forest near Libby, MT.  A second Engelmann Spruce was cut from the Kootenai National Forest near Libby in 1989 to serve as the Capitol Christmas Tree, and a Subalpine Fir Capitol Christmas Tree was harvested from the Bitterroot National Forest near Hamilton, MT in 2008.  The tradition of state’s providing Christmas Trees to Washington D.C dates from 1923 for the National Christmas Tree, and the Capitol Christmas Tree, or “The People’s Tree,” began in 1964.